80 Clay Street
Quincy, MA 02170
Phone: (617) 847-4350
FAX: (617) 770-2876
TTY: (800) 545-1833

Board of Commissioners

The Quincy Housing Authority is authorized by and operates under the provisions of Chapter 121B of the Massachusetts General Laws, which is known as the Housing and Urban Renewal Law. The governing body of the Quincy Housing Authority is its Board of Commissioners. Four Commissioners are nominated by the Mayor. Each nominee must be confirmed by a majority vote of the Quincy City Council. A fifth Commissioner is appointed by the Governor. Of the four Commissioners nominated by the Mayor, one Commissioner must be a resident of the Quincy Housing Authority. Additionally, one Commissioner must be a representative of organized labor. Commissioners are appointed for five year terms. Current Commissioners and Contact Information Michael Flaherty, Chair, 617-847-4351; Scott Campbell, Member, 857-939-9692; Mary Ann Morris, Treasurer, 617-481-1074; Brian Clifford, Member, 617-447-3573; Josephine Shea, Member, 617-847-4350.